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 Chakra Armour (Yoroir)

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PostSubject: Chakra Armour (Yoroir)   Chakra Armour (Yoroir) EmptyMon Jul 09, 2012 7:16 pm

You will have seen on the MUD some chatter about a new jutsu that we are planning called Yoroir, or chakra armour.

This is based on the Land of Snow movie, which largely focused around their ability to wear and use chakra armour.

As you might remember from the movie, the chakra armour was able to absorb chakra and to absorb attacks, reflecting them back to the opponents. This is precisely what our chakra armour is going to do!

Now, of course, there will be some limits, for gameplay reasons. It is going to have a "chance" of absorbing chakra (and when it does, it won't absorb all that it takes, and won't absorb much, like maybe 10 chakra or so) and it will also have a "chance" of absorbing jutsu. This won't make all jutsu irrelevant, of course. It will be level based and what it will do is to mean that when fighting lower levels you will reflect a lot more than when fighting higher levels.

One of the main aims is to let you bully lower folks (including lower level mobs) and it will let you fight a low level mob (one with lots of chakra) to get up your chakra reserves without needing to use a pill. What fun! But this won't let you go over your max.

Another thing is that it will give you an increase to your hitroll and damroll.

It was originally thought of to give a Naruto version of sanctuary but we aren't currently doing that. It is still in the planning stages as to what precisely it will do, but we are determined to have it do some version of what it does in the actual series (in this case in the movie).

To get it will be a mission, based on the movie. Once you have completed the mission (basically, completed the movie), you will get the scroll and can learn the jutsu.

Of note, for ninja artists who have the forge ability, once they learn this jutsu they will be able to forge chakra armour, as a physical item.

For everyone else, they will have to go to the Land of Snow to pick up chakra armour of their level.
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Chakra Armour (Yoroir)
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