World of Naruto is based on the anime and manga Naruto created by Masashi Kishimoto. World of Naruto is a game that attempts to bring Masashi Kishimoto's universe to life. Every character in the series will appear in World of Naruto as a computer-controll
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 Monkey blood summon

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PostSubject: Monkey blood summon   Monkey blood summon EmptyMon Jul 09, 2012 8:33 pm

There has been talk about maybe introducing a new blood summon, the monkey.

The 3rd hokage used the monkey summon in his battle with Orochimaru, using what we presume is the highest level blood summon.

The idea is that this will be a defensive blood summon. It won't attack but instead will help to rescue players when they are near death, guaranteeing that, so long as their blood summon is alive, they won't die. It will rescue them, push them into another room, and then unsummon itself.

The lower level blood summons will simply rescue you, a bit like flee but a guaranteed departure and no experience points lost. Higher level ones will also, mid battle, randomly try to help you out by performing jutsu on the enemy to blind them, try to get them to stay in one spot and so forth. But it won't actively fight. But - it will still be able to be hit.

They will give a combined DEX + INT boost (as you need dexterity and intelligence to hide and be defensive) and will also give a combination of stamina and hitpoints (because you need stamina to run and also need to stay alive). There will be no chakra boost.

If we put this in, existing players who want to change over can be uncommitted for free and recommit to this new blood summon, if they so desire.

We are still working out the specifics of it but it will overall work much the same way as the other blood summons.

Another thought is that, so long as the blood summon is in the room, if you do die, the highest level blood summon will rescue you and you won't lose any experience points or anything else. Only for the highest level one though. And only if he is in the room with you.
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Monkey blood summon
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