World of Naruto is based on the anime and manga Naruto created by Masashi Kishimoto. World of Naruto is a game that attempts to bring Masashi Kishimoto's universe to life. Every character in the series will appear in World of Naruto as a computer-controll
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 Previous MUD experiences

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PostSubject: Previous MUD experiences   Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:10 pm

I am interested to know what everyone's previous MUD experiences were.

Don't mention the names of MUDs, as we aren't out to defame anyone, or to promote them. Just generally, what do you think has made a good MUD and what has made a bad MUD. If you like (optional), you can also say how you rate World of Naruto (this MUD) in comparison to others you have played and what makes it good or bad.
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PostSubject: Re: Previous MUD experiences   Mon Feb 22, 2010 10:45 am

I think ill put in my 2 cents here, A good mud i find is one where the imms and player base are helpful to newbies who have little or no Muding knowledge what so ever, along with that a mud that is easy to pick up but gets harder as you gain experiance in mudding and progress in levels. A bad mud is the total opposite, imms who dont care and players who heckle and hate people asking simple questions like how do i do this or why cant i do that. As for rating WON...... What can i say i've been around this mud for so damb long im one of the few old characters left, those that have become imms not included, so in a rating of 1 to 10 i'd give WON and the staff whom are the greatest 1000000/10 ^_^

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PostSubject: Re: Previous MUD experiences   Tue Mar 09, 2010 3:44 pm

Well, I've tried many different muds and have grown bored with them or have basically been driven away by the way that people treat others. I think it is very important to create a welcoming environment for all that come to the MUD. Newbies definitely should be addressed when they arrive and make sure it is understood that there are people willing to help by answering questions and the like should the newbie have any. One other important thing is that there is an open environment. There are bound to be people who want to do different things. There will be those who like to kill things endlessly, those who like to roleplay, and sometimes people who just want to sit and talk. It is important to foster all personality types, regardless of one's personal preference for gameplay. Encouraging is fine, but harassment is not. Thankfully, I have yet to run into people here that aren't welcoming or that aren't enjoyable to be around. So, I have to say that this mud has become one I could see myself sticking around for a while...if not until I stop mudding entirely. Hehe.
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PostSubject: Re: Previous MUD experiences   Wed Mar 10, 2010 7:10 am

I used to play for a Star Wars MUD that shut down quite recently. It was role-play enforced, and I used to love roleplaying in a Star Wars environment. I had been there since about 2 years after he opened, until 3 years later when he shut it down. After a few Jedi/Sith purges, I was chosen as the Jedi Master to rebuild the Order of the Jedi twice. But that about sums it up for past MUD experiences, with the exception of a few DBZ muds thrown in the mix.
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PostSubject: Re: Previous MUD experiences   Thu Mar 11, 2010 3:58 am

I've been playing on MUDs for about ten years now, having started out on one that was small at the time which is now one of the bigger more regularly played ones out there. Before coming to World of Naruto I played on another Diku mud that I loved and played for nearly six years straight, even acting as an Imm and building until the ownership changed hands and the new person started abusing their authority - giving favors to their friends, ignoring cheating (by their friends) and chasing off (even banning) anyone who raised questions as to why some people were being allowed to act against the rules without anything being done. All that being said, World of Naruto is hands down one the best I've ever seen because the Imms and staff work so hard to keep those kinds of things from happening. The amount of work Ichike and the builders have put in to making stock areas seem brand new is also one of the things that will certainly bring new players in and keep them coming back. You guys have made the best Naruto MUD in existence which I can easily say having played on several others and found them to be lacking in creativity and originality - even if those games weren't subpar in comparrison, wonmud would still be the better by far because of all the work constantly being done to make it feel more authentic to the Naruto world. The Imms are great, as are the players, and the world is ever expanding. It makes for one of the best places to play.
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PostSubject: Re: Previous MUD experiences   Thu Mar 11, 2010 6:11 am

MUDS: I was a builder on the original DBX with crator, I started early 90's and made a legacy that was shadowed and forgot by the new age. I made starwars - lame ass yuyu hakasho games. lol. I played much events and even met alot of so called "famous" people that now own famous browser games = Atrix from Merentha who owns Dragonfable, and many more. I been around far to long in my time. I quit once ever 2 years, and come back hoping muds are back ;o but none so far have proven me right that they'll revive true mudders. This game has potential I will agree on that ;o in any case. Songi Rules! (Names that you might of knew him by, "Virus, Snake, Enter, Pyriel, Sokotsu, Ryuusoko, Songi, Thatman, IRHAXZ"
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PostSubject: Experiences   Fri Mar 12, 2010 8:43 am

I have played several MUDS for six years...or perhaps its easier to say since I was 11. But I hopped from MUD to MUD because it seemed that none could keep my interest. I was either left with a bad taste in my mouth do to the way Veterans handle us as newbies. Also I didnt like the fact that they ask for our opinions but they are almost always shot down or pushed to the side. The MUD I stuck with for the longest was founded in 1992 and due to this there was not to many ways to input creativity or in a sense help shape the world. The only lee-way you had was CABALWARS which for the most part rigged by PERMAS and once again characters who frowned upon the newbie playerbase. A game which had hit peaks of 100 for the PB slowly started to dwindle and I am sure that the AVG is now like 32 or so. The game was fantasy based but I had always had a certain love for the naruto series, characters, world and format of jutsu's. I played one naruto MUD and although I gave it a try with an open mind the PB was really low and besides training your skills. And recently after reading up on the naruto saga and such I wondered if there were any better Naruto MUDs our there and I stumbeled upon this one. I felt that the MUD I had played before that was actually quite famed now being 16 years old had lacked many things that WON infact held. The ability to quickly and easily emerge yourself within the world of naruto with newbie friendly vets and just a very positive vibe the game exuded. I also liked the uses of colors and the fact that due to the game being within its early stages you and other IMMS actually LISTENED to the PB rather than turning aside almost all Ideas.
WON is an open and friendly game which even at its earliest stages has set up a foundation that I can assure you will gather and keep a steady PB. I am happy to be here and hope that I can HELP as much as possible. Ranking WON would be far surpasses any number. Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: Previous MUD experiences   

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Previous MUD experiences
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