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 Villages and their clans

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Cloud Village - Kumogakure

Banrai Clan - I could not find a whole lot as far as clan abilities, clan traits, except that Karui and Omoi (Manga only) were from it and both used swords.

Kokoro Clan - Ranmaru, a small child in the Naruto series, was part of this clan, and possessed a kekkei genkai capable of disrupting other eye-based kekkei genkai, creating unflawed genjutsu, and potentially, a form of X-ray vision that allowed him to see through surfaces.

Kurosuki Clan - A clan that was started by Raiga Kurosuki, one of the 7 swordsmen of the mist. The clan wore gloves with wolverine-esque blades that could be retracted. When multiple members of the clan worked together, they could perform a ninja art called Black Tornado, in which they'd stick the blades outward and spin, creating a tornado of spinning blades.

Nii Clan - Yugito, host of the 2-tailed demon, was from this clan, and not many of her abilities were shown in the Naruto Episodes, besides those of her 2 tail transformation. She supposedly was a kunoichi of legendary standards within the Cloud Village.

Raikou Clan - Its members were mainly from the manga, such as C (prounounced Shee), and Samui. J was shown in the naruto series, and was a scout ninja for the Killer Bee (Eight tailed ox).

Rakurai Clan - A member of this family, Darui (manga), was a jounin level ninja who was proficient in swords and lightning weapon-empowering abilities. The clan possesses a kekkei genkai, Storm Release, which combines water and lightning elements to create bright beams of electricity that flow like water, which exploded on impact.

Yotsuki Clan - (manga and episode) There are 2 members shown from this clan, the Killer Bee (8 tailed ox) and A, the 4th Raikage. The Killer Bee is an extremely talented swordsmaster, able to wield 7 deadly blades at once. He, too, seemed to be highly capable of projecting lightning through his weapons, making them cut through any obstacle.

Leaf Village - Konohagakure

Aburame Clan - This clan is able to use insects as weapons, and used their own bodies as nests for them. At birth, these children are offered as a nest to "destruction bugs." They feed on chakra, and share a mutual relationship with their host. The insects can be used to attack or spy on the enemy.

Akimichi Clan - This clan is able to convert calories into chakra, to use their Multi-Size Technique, in which they can enlarge part, or their whole body to giant proportions. The clan has also created the Three Colored Pills, which could convert extra fat into chakra, at the expense of their own health.

Haruno Clan - Sakura is part of this clan, (and according to all research purposes, the only member o.O) and possesses a physical strength, as shown often when hitting Naruto, or punching enemies.

Hatake Clan - The two members (1 main, 1 mentioned) that are known in the Naruto universe are Sakumo and Kakashi Hatake. Both were considered geniuses by their peers. Kakashi personally had become a chuunin by the age of 6.

Hyuuga Clan - This family possesses the kekkei genkai "Byakugan," allowing them to see chakra flow and widens their field of vision. The family utilizes the gentle fist technique, allowing them to halt the flow of chakra to a certain area of their enemy with a precise hit. The family has also mastered the 8 Trigrams 64 Palms technique, in which the gentle fist technique is used to close 64 chakra points in a short amount of time.

Inuzuka Clan - A family that is known for its use of dogs (and wolves) as fighting companions. The bond between an Inuzuka and his companion is so close that the human usually takes on a feral appearance, the bond also allows their chakra to flow between one another, creating a synergy that is useful in battle.

Lee Clan - The only member I could find information on (Rock Lee) could not use ninjutsu or genjutsu, so focused on his taijutsu, in which he became a very fast and powerful fighter. He was the first person to ever touch Gaara through his sand defense, which until that point had not been achieved by any other ninja.

Maito Clan - Guy was the only member I could find information on, and was a very powerful taijutsu user, however, unlike Lee, Guy could use ninutsu and genjutsu, though makes a conscious effort not to.

Mitarashi Clan - Anko is from this family and from a very young age was known to excel in the ninja arts, the reason for which Orochimaru showed interest in her. She is highly accurate and quick.

Nara Clan - The family members can manipulate shadows and are presumable skilled in medicine (as shown by their possession of a book passed down through generations filled with medicine ingredients). The members of this family are known to be geniuses, though the men are mostly lazy.

Sarutobi Clan - A prestigious clan, the Sarutobi's are known for having ninja of great authority in their midst, such as Konoha's 3rd Hokage, and Asuma Sarutobi, a member of the 12 guards.

Senju Clan - A clan known for forming Konohagakure, alongside the Uchiha. Before the Hidden Villages were created, the Senju clan was known for being on top of the world, the greatest clan in a world filled of great ninja.

Shimura Clan -

To Be Continued....
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Villages and their clans
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