World of Naruto is based on the anime and manga Naruto created by Masashi Kishimoto. World of Naruto is a game that attempts to bring Masashi Kishimoto's universe to life. Every character in the series will appear in World of Naruto as a computer-controll
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1. Respect each other and the MUD/Forum Staff; It's fine to argue and disagree, debate and dissent, but consider how your words come across and try to respect your fellow naruto fans and Mudders.

2. Keep your language reasonable; Swearing isn't disallowed, but don't go on a cuss binge just for kicks or to coax a response out of someone. Use common sense when swearing, as excessive meanness and swearing is determined by the forum mods on a case-by-case basis.

3. Don't discuss illegal activities on the forums; This board is not the place for discussion of drug use, piracy or other illegal activities, and we cannot protect your security if you disclose such information. Just don't do it.

4. Please don't link to any sites containing adult material, or any material that is likely to be considered offensive. This board is subject to U.S. laws, so let's keep out of trouble by not providing minors with illegal material.

5. Please post in English. If you feel like you must post in another language, put a tag in the thread title with the language you are writing in. Alternatively, provide an english translation.

6. Do not double post. Doing so causes stress on the board and clutters it with spam, making it an overall less attractive place. It also makes it harder to respond to your posts. Accidents happen, but try your best to only submit posts and threads once.

7. In the event that you feel the need to bump your posts, do so no more than once every four hours. This just ensures that the forums remain readable.

8.Abusing the chatbox will be punished with a 2 day chatbox ban for the first offence, 5 days for second time offenders and a permenant ban for third.

9. Have fun! These forums are to help the World of Naruto MUD community grow and get to know one another. Just keep it friendly and looking nice and enjoy the forums!

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Forums Rules
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