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 Kages for Small Villages (Not minor, just small)

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PostSubject: Kages for Small Villages (Not minor, just small)   Sun Apr 04, 2010 1:01 am

Well, simply put, some villages just aren't popular. This makes it hard to have a leader for these villages, and it's relevant for RP. I'm suggesting that either the IMMs would discuss the village and how many members are seen actively playing within the village. Then, based on such extraordinary circumstances, a Kage should be named with the IMMs acting as a village counsoul(sp?) or something
of the sort. We saw something similar to this in the anime while Tsunade was knocked out after Pain's intrusion.I think it's logical and would help to benefit said villages. Maybe give people a reason to go to them?

Taken straight from my note on the game, perhaps some discussion will happen here.

As always, it's up for debate.
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Kages for Small Villages (Not minor, just small)
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