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 Some Kekkei Genkai ideas.

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Some Kekkei Genkai ideas. Empty
PostSubject: Some Kekkei Genkai ideas.   Some Kekkei Genkai ideas. EmptyMon Apr 05, 2010 9:03 am

I wanted to assist the GMs with Kekkei Genkai, so I decided to sit down and start this while I was sleeping in Chuunin Exams (passed on Krunari FINALLY). I only decided to do leaf for now, to see what they like and don't like about my thought process with the different clans. If they like what I have to offer, I'll be happy to continue thinking of something for other clans. Otherwise, here's my proposals. They're hit and miss, really, because some clans don't have kekkei genkai.

Aburame - When you become genin, report to your clan headquarters and talk to your clan leader (whomever they may be). He will teach you the skill to control bugs. The bugs should have Chakra Drain at first, and when you get the skill up to roughly 80%, they should start doing a Chakra Leech that does the same amount as Drain and gives you all the chakra leeched this way. The bugs should be ordered like Blood Summons

As punishment, Aburame clan members should have a constant chakra drain on them. They lose chakra every tick instead of gaining it.

Akimichi - When you become a genin, report to your clan home and talk to your leader to learn the skill. You should also have to buy the pills from here, and once you become Chuunin, you gain an ability to make them yourself (like herbal remedy).

The abilities themselves should be taijutsu moves. They should have a chance to cause bleeding. I belive that the rolling attack should gain in strength throughout the battle, but return to it's normal damage after the enemies in that room are dead, or you move rooms. The others...well, they're pretty much normal attacks that are beefed, right? So there ya go.

Haruno - Adept with Healing Touch, Purifying Touch, and Remove Curse. Should have a higher AC than normal.

Hatake - Adeptability with ninjutsu, and no scroll needed for Raikiri, and possibly some extra DEX upon creation.

Hyuuga - Byakugan should be available as soon as you hit Genin. When active, a permenant detect chakra, hidden, and invis. They should also have an advanced Farsight while Byakugan is activated. Something that will see 3 rooms in any direction.

Their Taijutsu should block chakra regain, even with pills. At first, you can only block a few chakra joints, so it should only last a few minutes. When it gains to 85%, it should block for longer, and then 100% should make it block completely.

Inuzuka - I have no real idea of how to do this. Kiba has so much that he does with that dog it's hard for me to specify certain techniques.

Lee - Proficient in Taijutsu, can open 4 gates as opposed to the normal 2, and 2 gates regardless of spec. Stronger with taijutsu and hand-to-hand.

Maito - Same as Lee. Really, what differences are there in them?

Mitarashi - A big boost in Dex upon creation. I honestly can't think of much other than this.

Nara - The shadow technique is difficult to do, however, I think it should be split up into multiple techniques, with Shadow Sewing and Shadow Endgame being taught by Shikamaru.

Shadow Imitation: Binds an enemy with your shadow. Works like Jubaku and Devil's Taunt without the use of Chakra.

Shadow Neck Bind: Can only be used with Shadow Imitation. Does damage and cancels the shadow imitation.

Shadow Sewing: Should be a combination of Imitation and Neck Bind, deals damage to all enemies in the room.

Shadow Imitation Shuriken: Easier to trap an enemy. Requires a bag of Kunai or Shuriken, Kunai having a chance of poison.

Shadow Endgame: Requires a pad of Exploding Notes. Places many exploding notes on the enemy and covers the explosion, focusing the maximum damage to the opponent. Also stops attacks if the enemy lives.

Sarutobi - adeptability in all styles, though not as much as someone who has an adeptability in one.

Senju - I simply think there should be a 25% chance of getting Wood as your Primary element and that should give you wood release attacks.

Shimura - Adeptability in Genjutsu and a higher INT to start.

Uchiha - The Sharingan is already in production, so I won't say much about it. Except, to help balance it, I think it should be gained a special way. I think that it should be in battle, near death. It should have a % to be GAINED while you're in the amount of HP that says "You sure are BLEEDING!" while in battle. It would help balance it.

Umino - A proficiency in the demon wind shuriken for artists, and 40% learned for the other classes.

Uzumaki - Adept with custom jutsu, rasengan, and oodama rasengan. Should also gain an elemental Rasengan like the Wind Release: Spiraling Shuriken that he adapted.

Yamanaka - Should work like Jubaku/Devil's Taunt with an Insect Eyes effect.

Yuuhi - I think we should skip Yuuhi, since there's obviously something about her eyes that we don't know. This could be a Kekkei Genkai.

When I say 'Adeptability,' I mean they learn those jutsu faster than usually.
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Some Kekkei Genkai ideas.
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