World of Naruto is based on the anime and manga Naruto created by Masashi Kishimoto. World of Naruto is a game that attempts to bring Masashi Kishimoto's universe to life. Every character in the series will appear in World of Naruto as a computer-controll
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 How war could be done

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How war could be done Empty
PostSubject: How war could be done   How war could be done EmptyMon Apr 19, 2010 11:10 am

This is a naruto ninja game, its kinda not really naruto without "war" and with it I believe more people would want to join. Here is an idea for how It could be done, open to discussion.
War I think will bring the game to a whole nother level that we kinda need, no point gaining a lot of levels and skills that will never be used.
War should be optional from chuunins upwards, and by using an *enlist* command you are granting your services to your village. It can either be that you conduct a mission for your kage or warmaster who asses your skills and see if your good four scouting, main combat or defending. You can also move up the ranks during the war as well. Each village should be alotted funds that they can use as they please to prepare against strikes...I dont know how that work. Rather than have the war that you simply enter the village and everyone attacks it should be moreso that there is a place within each village that cannot be shunshin or tranported too, that holds the item of power for each village, and that item can be an airloom or great artifact. THis artifact will also be the focal point for the powers that you have that are just for that village i.e Mist strength. When the item is *robbed* or stolen you can no longer use such powers. This artifact will be held within the main area or center of the village which will be guarded by an outer guard, which has some appearance or powers allocated to that village, while the inner guardian holds the item once those who strike get through both within the corpse they will find the artifact which they bring back to there village having won that battle, of course shunshin cannot be used to get out of the village. Also when your village is being attacked those within the village will get a message quite like you do when someone levels. Also when you gather thatt item a point should be added to your village which shows there power along with an increase in funds. This will also help with alliances and feuds, smaller or weaker villages can align against a force while feuds can be held to those of great power, you can also take small dominion over a village after gathering many points whicch can be shown through a certain command,*vwar*
Which can be gathered back after several successful raids, this will also make it so that imms wont have to be greatly needed by the war as it is something we as players can finally manage, also guilds can have their own wars within wars if that is needed.
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How war could be done
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