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 Derryns back story

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Derryns back story Empty
PostSubject: Derryns back story   Derryns back story EmptyMon Sep 27, 2010 7:59 pm

The outskirts of The land of rice fields is a barren wilderness, consisting of a mix of marshes and forest. Tall sturdy elms guard murky pools of life and death like giant wooden sentinels. Midway up one of these trees two forms are silently scanning the woods.

"Do you really think there is a monster killing animals all the way out here Sensei?"

The older of the ninjas, sound villagers by their headbands, looks at his young student. Barious is a young chuunin from the Shiin clan, a promising student hoping for an early shot at becoming a jounin. Barious was whats refered to as a remnant of Orochimaru. The sound village founder had many hidden labratories throughout the Land of Rice fields and had preformed many experiments of his favored clan, the Shiins. Most remnants were just physically altered in some small way, a remnant mutation. Barious himself had rock hard skin, providing him with his own natural armor.

They werent out here looking for monsters, they were out here in seach of a wild remnant. Reki knew that finding a remnant would prove much worth to the Shiin clan and to Sound village. Wild Remnants hadnt been heard of in generations but old stories pointed toward them being ferociuos intelligent beasts. It was time Barious knew the truth of their mission. Reki regarded his student carefully and started speaking, "Its possible were out here just to find a rabid fox or coyote. But the more interesting part is that theres no bodys, just someones goat dissappears, or a rooster doesnt crow in the morning and isnt seen again."

Reki looks off before continueing, "What i am hoping for is a Remnant, something wild out here in the most hidden places of rice. "

Barious' rocky face splits into a grin. "A real remnat of Orochimaru? Those were huge beasts of legend, mutations from the time just after his death. Are you serious?"

Reki nods, "If not I am wasting our time." Reki without a second glance back leaps to the next tree, starting the pair to moving again.

* * *

It was the same dream every night now, always at this time of the year. It was the second summer since he lost his parents to the sickness. They lived on the edges of civilization, and it was only Pah who ever went to the village. It had been two years since he had eaten anything he hadnt caught wild or still grew in the overgrown garden out back.

He stretched and stuck he head out of the cave that served as his new temporary home. It was still well before moonrise so he started a small fire, if he wanted to not eat something raw tonight he had to be quick, he couldnt risk people seeing smoke in the moonlight. After covering the mouth of the cave, so that no light could be seen he starts to sniff the air. Mom had warned him not to let villagers see him, that he was special and they might hate him. She and pah had prepared him well to hunt on his own though.

He spun in a small cirlce and found what his nose was seeking, a nice fat rabbit. Without a sound he was off, no more than the wind of the hunt.

* * *

It was the smell of cooked meat this far from anything that made the ninjas stop. It wasnt hard to find the small cave, though something had gone to great lengths to make it hard to find. Silently and efficiently they trapped the area outside of the cave now thinking it was a simple livestock thief. The two sound ninjas waited on opposite ends of the small hillside where the cave is hidden, to wait out their intended prey. And the wait wasnt long.

The creature that emerged walked on its four limbs in a hunched fasion. Its skin was suple soft scales of dark yellow and sea green. It stretched like a cat and then stood up on its hind legs sniffing the air. Standing upright ot was no larger than a child of ten, and it seemed very inquisitive about something it smelled. It turned a small cirlde smelling and soon was walking straight toward a nearby bush.

Barious watched astoundedly as the creature stpped over a tripwire and two seperate snares on its way to the bush, as if the traps didnt exist. With a careful reach the creature puts its hand into the bush. Carefully it takes the pot in his hand without upsetting the bent branch ready to throw the pot. It works at the stoppered end of the pot until its open and takes a whiff of its inside. Its head snaps back with a grimaced laced across its reptillian face.

Barioun snickers to himself as he is well aware of the potency of the glue the sound villagers prefered to use. It was all the sound the creature needed. Springing into a back flip it flings the pot at the dodging Barious, whose momentum carries him off the branch and into the bushes below. But the creature ran out of luck after that, landing in a net trap nearby. Hissing and squealing it tries to no avail to free itself.

Barioun takes a second to collect himself before approaching his sensei who is standing a safe distance from then now silent creature. Reki seems to be studying the creature as much as it is studying him. "What is it sensei? Its not large enough to be a wild remnant."

Reki grins at his student, "You tell me."

Barious takes a close look at the creature and notices its intelligent snake slitted eyes seem to be masuring him back. The yellow and green scales are fine and delicate around its face and its nose is a protrusion with two small slits in it. The bottom of its reptillian face is slit by a straight line of a mouth. Scars line its face and at odd parts on its body, apparently its scales provided no extra armor.

"A snake man? I havent ever heard of a snake man in the old histories. So again what is it?"



"He," Reki states again, "What is he? A snake man, no boy, one of our own. Can you speak boy? Do you understand, do you have a name?"

He was silent for a long moment, thinking back to the last time he heard his name spoken, to right before his parents were taken by the fever. "Derryn."
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PostSubject: Re: Derryns back story   Derryns back story EmptyMon Sep 27, 2010 8:02 pm

The heat in the forge room was nearly unbearable, and Derryn prefered it that way. His affinity to water allowed him resistance from the heat, and with the higher heat he could temper the steal to a hardness that was unprecedented. The armors he forged could turn even chakra embedded weapons a time or two. He was currently preparing a set of armor for the chuunin exams, something that offered both mobility and protection.

The heat in the forge also made sure he had some of his much sought after solitude. Though Derryn understood that he was human his monstrous appearance made him seek to hide from society. It was rare to catch the scaled man outside of his full body armor. Custom crafted from dark grey steel with a dark purple silk lining, the only glimps of his reptillian features was the opening in his visor revealing his slitted pupils and the palms of his scaley hands. Well when he wasnt in his uncomfortably hot forge.

Derryn sweated, allowing his thoughts to roll back through the past four years, alowing his body to work on muscle memory in the oven of afterthoughts. Reki had gotten his promotion to village elder and promptly went missing. He was declared to have abandoned the village but theres been no actual knowledge of him since. Barious is now a highranked jounin, and Derryns primary combatt instructor. Derryn though had joined the Hunters guild, hoping to one day track down Reki and find out if he was truly immortal as recent rumors have made believe.

Derryn was a tracker and hunter, spending many months alone on solitary tracking assignments. Usually he would stop in the guild only long enough to get a new assignment and repair his armor and weapons. He had been in the village for over a week now waiting for Barious to return from assignment, hence the reworking of his armor to a deep green tinted medal, the exam is in a forest after all. His intructors wanted him to practice his weapons forms with a real taijutsu specialist before his chunin exams.

He looked over to the bench on the far end of the forge at the weapon he had brought back from his most recent hunt. He couldnt sharpen it but he could certainly try one of the chakra enhancements the master artisans had taught him. Glancing back at the gauntlet he was modifying he thought of the heat and how it comforted him, "I think I'll go with fire."

* * *

Barious was excited to see his foundling Shiin cousin, but wasnt too excited at the prospect of finding him off in the forest, that was Derryns bit, Barious prefered bar fights and end all brawls. And most of all he refused to go out hunting him on an empty stomach.

Stopping by a shop that he had frequented for years Barious considered his recent mission. Waving to the owners daughter, a girl he had seen grow from a knee hugging toddler to a young teen who helped out around the shop, he took a seat. He was a regular customer and only ordered one thing. The did something soupy with the rice patty eels that Barious craved on long periods away from home.

Barious recent mission was a complete success but he had disturbing news he didnt trust passing up to his superiors. He wanted his next training session to to be meaningfull as he might not see his student for a long time after the exams. He dug into his newly arrived unagi soup and let his mind wander.

Derryn wasnt particularily hard to find, which suprised Barious, he expected a long drawn out afternoon, but found his pupil meditating openly under a waterfall. Deciding it was as good a time as any for a prank the jounin crept along the shadows climbing higher into the tree tops to get the upper hand on his usually ellusive student. With a last scan though the area to look for hidden traps Barious leaps from the tree tops down toward the unsuspecting Derryn.

Only to have the water clone disolve into nothingness. Clones? Derryn had been hard at work hadnt he. Barious quick tucked and rolled out into the shallow pool under the small falls scanning the borders of the pool for more tricks, but a low chuckle comes from deep under the falls, and a series of howls from the woods gave away all the clues, Derryn was looking for him.

"What took you so long sensei?" The armored man walk outs from the falls, letting the water dissolve away a camaflage jutsu that rendered him nearly invisible, "The hounds smelled that eel at least an hour ago." Derryn smiles at his own joke, and takes off his hunters mask to let his sensei see his smile.

"Your always a quick study. I have one day to assess you for the chuunin exams, you know. should we start?" Barious stretches and looks at at the younger remnant, one few people hes been able to trust over the years.

Derryn glances around the pool, "Here?"

Barious knows his pupil is offering him an better place to fight, as this pool provided a bonus to Derryns water affinity, but Barious has a few new tricks of his own. Shrugging he preforms a series of hand signs and the earth under his feet begins to tremble. Rocks climb up Barious legs and torso rolling down his arms and forming large spiked balls on his his fists. Rocky spikes grow from his shoulders, elbows, and knees. A hard granite plate crawls along his chest and back.

Derryn smiles and says, "Hey i have new toys i wanna test too." He slips the music symbol marked mask over his face and reaches over his back pulling a metal haft forward. His other had reaches behind his waist to pull forth a crescent shaped shield.

"A club? I thought you were a weapons expert, isnt that too simple?"

Derryn shakes his head and heat burts forth fon one side of the far end of the haft, forming a blade of burning energy. "An axe."

"Thats my boy." Barious grins and charges.
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PostSubject: Re: Derryns back story   Derryns back story EmptyTue Sep 28, 2010 1:20 am

The forest of death was as imposing as rumor had it. Derryn was standing outside of its southern gate considering everything he knew about the exams. Resting lightlily in a pouch inside the plating of his leg armor was a heaven scroll. One of the people with a hell scroll ought to be strong enough to reach the temple. It was almost noon, so the exams would soon be underway. One last look through his supplies and Derryn felt ready.

As the sun reached its zenith the gates creak open and Derryn steps lightly through into the shade of gigantic trees. He couldnt place the type of tree, but it looked evil, almost reaching. As soon as the iron gate swings ponderously shut Derryn yells, "Summing Jutsu," and bites his finger slapping the blood onto the ground and a cloud of smoke appears. As the smoke clears three ninja hounds stand in front of Derryn.

"Well boys time to hunt," he says scartching their heads each in turn. "Find me this temple and we'll get this over with."

The dogs all nod in agrement and the smallest says, "Right away boss." They each flash away into different directions, while derryn heads steadilly north into the forest. He finds sign of many large dangerous animals in the forest but manages to steer clear of them until he runs into a river.

Wary of possible ambush from another examinee Derryn takes to the trees and surveys the river looking for an appropriate crossing. As he peers up and down the length of the rumbling river he feels the slightest shift in weight on his branch behind him. Deciding that an ambush isnt as dangerous as something sneaking up this close to him Derryn leaps out over the water turning and throwing kunai back toward the branch.

The giant viper dodges the projectiles but the gas grenades on the kunai both destroy the branch and break Derryns line of sight with the serpent. As he hits the water he holds himself above it with chakra and throws himself into a backward tumble toward the far bank of the water, just in time to see the place where he was standing implode into a splash of water and bird as a huge falcon just missed having dinner.

Derryn ignites his axe into his hand and rolls into action. Dodging to the right and into open water he figures he has the best advantage against a land and a flying animal. He reaches into a pouch in his armored vest and produces a small silver chime, palming it hoping that the snake is the first to recover. What he didnt expect was for it to attack from below the water. Bursting from below the river just a few feet ahead of him, Derryn had just enough time to leve a one handed stroke toawrds the snakes head, luckily diverting its dripping fangs. He did have consciousness to toss the the chime toward the snake while using a quick hand signal to shatter the chime, dazing the snake and deafening it for a few moments of much needed time.

Derryn again rolls back to the left, preparing to fend off the now diving falcon, but he needs both hands free for the jutsu he wants to use. He takes the brunt of the falcons dive on his shield and drops a smoke bomb while darting as fast as he can toward the orignal shore, strapping his weapon and flashing hand signals as he runs.

The smoke clears and time for the snake and the falcon to both be ready to attack as the same time, and they do attack, the simple water clone Derryn left in the midst of the smoke. Smiling Derryn perfoms one final hand seal and slaps the nearby water, "Mizuame Nabara." Tendrils of sticky glue reach from the water to wrap the bird and snake, pulling them both under the quickly flowing water. Derryn looks down to notice hes in a circle of exploding notes. Just Great.

* * *

He was lying on his back in the waters edge, ears ringing. Derryns leg scales were raw feeling but the brunt of the explosion seemed to be absorbed in his armor. He tried to peer through the hazy smoke and ash falling to see where the newest enemy was as he stands up. The ringing in his ears clears first and lets him know. A clapping is echoing through the depper forest, and a deep voice says, "Very nice, but I am not fighting you on the water after that little show."

Derryn shrugs and uses a quick series of handsigns to releive the pain in his legs and to heighten his physical strength. Stretching lightly and seeing he had a physical contest on his hands, unslung his axe and thanked Barious for not holding back the week before. The other ninja, one from leaf village apparently, entered a strange empty handed stance. Derryn simply charges.

The Leaf villager easily doges the wieldy axes attack and plants a spinning foot into derryns chest, forcing him to stumble backward but not loosing his footing. "Your pretty fast," Derryn comments and compliments. "And you didnt fall," was the simple response.

The combatants come together again, Derryn parrying and countering while the leaf village stranger used his bared fists and feet to search Derryns armor for gaps. Long minutes go by before the combatants seperate to search for breath. Neither is damaged significantly yet but Derryns armor shows multiple knuckle and heel prints. More repair work for later.

Derryn charges first, taking the offensive, using the length of his axe haft to keep the leaf villager off balance. He starts a spinning routine the axes original owner had used in his fight with Derryn. First two spins left, high chop and low chop, then one spin right, with an overhand chop, back to the left uppercut. The leaf ninja was forced to dodge and scramble backward from the flaming axe head.

The leaf villager Had no immediate defense for the tactic so Derryn pressed his avantage. Changing the momentum and directions of his swings almost randomly, but the offensive was short lived. Soon the leaf villager was slipping shots through to bounce off his armor and had even almost disarmed him once. Derryn needed a new idea, and soon.

Again the leaf villager almost forces the flaming weapon from his grip, and smiles as Derryn enters another spin. He thinks he has me, lets see if he'll under estimate me. On the next swing Derryn duplicated the last swing where he almost lost his grip and the leaf villager grinned in anticipation, grabing the downward swinging haft near the burning head in his left hand and swinging at Derryns right wrist with an open handed chop.

Only to hit the empty handle of the weapon, Derryns hand is grabbing hard at the leaf villagers jacket. The stunned leaf villager tries to jerk free but that one second was all Derryn needed. One, Two, Three times his shield hits the leaf villagers face until finally the man is limp. Derryn picks up his axe and restraps it to his back then drags the unconscious man to the waters edge. A quicK hand sign and the man is patched up but still unconscious.

Derryn searches the man for for his scroll and quickly finds bad news. Its another heaven scroll. Damn. Derryn shrugs it off as luck and puts it in his pouch with the other heaven scroll. Cupping his hands in front of his mouth he lets off a long haunting howl, trailing off at the end.

Three seperate howls echo in the distance and Derryn shrugs. No ones found the temple yet. He glances at the leaf villager, snoring on the rocks, and starts again toward the north.
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PostSubject: Re: Derryns back story   Derryns back story EmptyWed Sep 29, 2010 7:56 pm

At the base of the ancient temple was a murky pool, swimming with the murky battle for life that all pools spawn. The mosquitos larvae try to survive on smaller lifeforms while fleeing from dragonfly spawn and small solitary fish. The Pool wasnt large enough to go much higher than the food chain. Derryn considered the pool much like this exam. And his lessons earlier made him want to be the bird.

It was getting close to evening and this had not been a very productive day. He had in total had five different Heaven scrolls at one time. It wasnt long after aquiring the fifth that his hounds found a scent they reconized. Two hunter recruits, neither fully prepared for the exam, were hiding an a thick span of trees. Apparently neither had done well and both lost their scroll. Derryn had patched them up as best he could and gave them new heaven scrolls, you only need one to pass. His Hounds were secretly trailing them, waiting to let him know if a Hell scroll popped up.

Derryn was resting comfortably in a small nook atop the western face of the temple, watching the waning sun. A handful of camouflage jutsus were active allowing him time to relax while he waited for someone to think they had completed their exam. His mind wandered back to his last sprring session with Barious. Their fight had not stayed in the waterfall pool long, the pool actually didnt exist anymore. and the area resembled rapids more or less now.

But it was after the fight that he let his mind wander to. After the fight Derryn had roasted a deer he hunted earlier that day. He prefered fresh game, one of the small comforts he allowed himself of lonely memories. Barious took great measures preening himself, and Derryn made mention while he retrieved some bread he had kept soft rolled in a piece of soft cloth.

"When I form the natural stones to me, Sometimes theres pebbles and such in my own 'cracks'," Barious popped a small stone loose and showed Derryn. "I'd rather find them this way now, then in another fight, or even worse in my sleep."

Chuckling Derryn made a simple handsign and water flared from his hand toward s large flat stone, it froze as it hit the stone then a second later evaporated, leaving the stone clean as if it had been scrubbed. He sat the bread down and pulled a small knife from his pack. Most of his upper body armor had been removed, Barious felt it was his time to comment.

"You've learned some tricks. Is this hunter training?"

Derryn shakes his head as he slices a flank off of the deer and tosses it to the table. "Hunters dont have training they just assign us targets and we do or dont succeed." He now had the lower half of one of the legs and made a sharp whistle, tossing it on the ground and starting on another. "No the difference you see is I have more teachers now than a taijutsu monster, no offense."

The dogs came streaming out of the forest around them, racing to the meat they had been expecting all day. Derryn had a third leg cut by the time they arrived and set to work disecting the smoking carcass. Some of the meat was set on the cleaned stone opposite their set aside meal, other pieces were tossed to the dogs.

"I might be gone for awhile." Derryn barely notcied his senseis comment as it seemed common sense.

"Were both always gone for awhile. I dont see why its worth mentioning." Derryn neatly packed away all the spare meat into bundles of waxed paper and stacked it neatly on the far side of the rock, then began slicing the ripe flank he had first cut, letting it cool so that it retained its juices as it was sliced. The dogs had eatten their fill of the meat pile and were gnawing on their chosen bones, small cracks and pops could be heard off to the side.

"I think the sand ninjas know something about Reki. I didnt actually hear his name, but there is a missing nin from Shiin somewhere in Air Country and I think its time for a desert vacation." Barious sat down next to Derryn on the grass in front of the makshift table. Both produce survival kits and take servings from the fresh food. When Derryn offers fresh cold water to Barious he waves it off and produces a skin from his own pack.

Derryn eats for a minutes in silence before he lets his thoughts organize into a response. "There isnt much in the bingo books about Reki, though he is in there. Its a few stories from his old fights, he wasnt known to be close to anyone." Another bite. "The reward is tremendous though, its whispered to us that hes immortal, and no one can kill him."

Barious chews thoughtfully for a minute, swallowed and continued, "My rumors suggest that a secret organization overules the kages, and that a Shiin in a member. I cant see Reki declaring himself abandoned so soon after his own promotion but its my only lead." The bread was good and Barious mentioned it.

"A little shop I like," Derryn nodded, " soft breads dont travel far so i get them rarely." He tosses the meat scaps toward the houds, who are still picking through the deer carcass fo anything they didnt want to leave to scavengers. "And Good bread reminds me i'm not quite an animal."

"And not quite man," Barious face goes soft, the prejudice he deals with has forced derryn to hide his own features. "Were both swimming the same stream."

Derryn snickers aloud, his good nature is never stolen by his alien existence. You sink my friend, who isn't quite a rock."

Barious threw his last bite at Derryn while smirking at his friend, but Derryn didnt flinch, just smille, as a large hound intercepted the piece of meat and swallowed in one gulp. It winked at Barious circled and settle at Derryns feet. Derryn patted his head before continuing, "But a lead is a lead, keep in touch. I may have my own leads eventually." Slinging his pack on his back and stared skyward. "When do you leave?"

"Now," Barious stood up and threw his own pack around his shoulder. "He puts his hand on Derryns shoulder and leaves one last piece of advice, "I know its not your way, but sometimes you just have to overpower your adversary."

Derryn nods and watches his teacher, his friend, his family dart off. Oddly the hounds never smelled him leave.

Derryns memories are pulled sharply to a clone as his invisibility jutsu finally wears off. He steps out into the red streamers of the setting sun to howl to the cloud when an earthquake nearly knocks him from his high temple perch. No not an earthquake he thinks as he looks north. An explosion, He thinks he sees a crater through the settling ash and smoke.

It looks like his fight is here.

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PostSubject: Re: Derryns back story   Derryns back story EmptyWed Sep 29, 2010 7:57 pm

One last giant tree tumbles to the ground and the enormity of its mass pushes debris outward from its now earthbound trunk. Some of its debris flies back into the crater, settling onto the downward sloping sides. Derryn hopes his vantage point from the side of the crater, covered in debris and fresh camouflage jutsus would allow him to see the cause of the explosion. He also hoped the hounds managed to get him here before anyone would think to search the area.

He spotted two corpses half buried in the rubble in the crater and gave them a long enough inspection to be sure they werent his hunter initiates. All hunters had some piece of his equipment on, and those two werent wearing anything he could identify. But to be sure someone else would want to inspect the bodies, Derryn never missed a chance to study his opponents.

The smallest of his hounds appeared next to him and whispered, "Two of them boss, from the grass. The girl is huge, the boy is small."

"You and the boys stay low, and spread out. " Derryn doesnt recieve his answer, but the hounds know what they are doing, his pack hunts often, and well. Now its all just patience.

Sure enough a head soon pokes out from the rim of the crater, Its hard to make out details at first, but DDerryn trusts its the girl. The boy barely comes up to her elbow. They wear matching jerkins, studded with stead knobs to deflect weapons. Both were dressed in the darkest of green, making them stand out on the edge of the crater, but would provide excellent coverage in the dark foilage of the forest. The smaller one was talking alot, but the larger one seemed not to notice.

As they came into earshot Derryn tried to pick up any info he could. The Smaller one of course was talking, " you gotta admit, it was a big boom. Can you make a boom that big?"

"..." The girl seemed to ignore the words and strolled toward the corpses. The boy continued to talk, "Well maybe they have a Heaven scroll, so we can finaly finish this mess." Derryn was glad to hear that. They had what he wanted.

The boy decided he wasnt getting an answer from the giantess, and reached behind his back to retrieve a scroll and started reading it to himself. The giantess made quick work of searching the corpses, she was unnaturally strong, lifting the corpses with one hand and searching them with the other. She found three scrolls total and tossed one to the boy before standing. He caught it without glancing and slipped it behind his back. He rolled up the scroll he was reading as she started to walk away. "I guess were finally done here."

Derryn scanned the pair as they walked toward the temple side of the crater. The boy was weaponless, carrying a variety of scrolls strapped to the back of his jerken. He looked young, but Derryn knew he had just killed two genin. He probably preferred to use ninjutsu. The girl on the other hand had the handles of more knives than Derryn felt like counting. At that counted was the the ones on her hips were hunting knives, so she probably prefered close range. He would have to set onto the boy first, as the girl would want to close the distance quickly.

As they closed on the closer rim of the crater Derryn had seen enough, mentally calling the closest hound back to him, Derryn grabs its collar and with a snap they are summoned back to the other hounds who have been looking for an ambush in the half mile of trail between the crater and the temple. Derryn nodded and reached in his pack to retrieve some of the cooked dear from last week. He had carefully dried it out that night as the dogs loved jerky. Tossing the cirlcing pack a few tidbits he set to work.

* * *
The grass ninjas were strolling through the final rays of the setting sun. The boy was still talking, something about a girl back home. Derryn couldnt pay attention to the words the boy spoke. Derryn was disguised as a nearby rock, using all the concentration he could muster to keep his jutsus active.

The girl walked in the lead, stoping often to scan their surroundings and to let her smaller legged companion catch up. They reach an opening in the thick trees and scan the deep pink sky, dark wisps stream overhead and puddles line the softened ground. "Leaf village is soo dreary," the boy says, stopping to look over head. He covers his eyes with his hand as he looks upward, "lets finish this before we get wet."

He starts walking again but the girl doesnt follow, doesnt answer, just stares off into the woods, scanning with her eyes. The boy stops after a few feet and turns back, impatience stamped on his face, "Arent you listening?"

The girl holds up her hand, intently peering at the human sized rock no more than twenty feet off to their side. The boy starts to turn toward the stone, but Derryn figures the jig is up. Realeasing his camouflage jutsu and activativating his Water potential the Previously summoned mizuame coalesces from the ground puddles, climbing the boys legs before he even completes his turn to face the now revealed sound ninja. Derryn needed to takes the boys hands out of the fight, no hanndsigns, no ninjutsu.

But the Female ninja was gone, just plain dissappeared. Derryn decided not to worry about it, just a few seconds and he could release consciously controling the glue. Pulling his elbows in, and now finally his hands, when the world went red.

* * *

His Armor saved him he knew, but the blood was flowing down his scaled back. He thought she had hit a kidney, maybe, and now she was gone again. He had saw her face though. He wasnt supposed to be alive, he and she knew it. He stands as quickly as he can, and tries to bait his adversary into another neak attack. It took her five heartbeats to get to him before so on his fourth deep beat he rolled, smoothly unslinging his axe and deleving a backhand slash at his recently evaucated position.

Mid attack she blinked back into existance, just in time to jump backward over the flaming head of the axe. Her face finally showed an expression, an odd mixture of a grimace and a smile. Her off hand made a quick gesture that Derryn noticed for the first time and she blinked again. Invisible, she was invisible, and if she was invisible...

Derryn looked down, the grass bent to the left of her old position and derryn entered a diving roll directly into her old spot Swinging the flaming head of the axe through the area he thought she was in. Mid roll his axes momentum stopped with a sharp wing as she parried the axe by its haft. Derryn continued the roll and came to a ready position and started to scan the ground again. Thats when he felt it, the air itself started to quiver.

She felt it too and immediately became visible leaping high into the trees. The familiar sensation suprised Derryn too much to allow him an escape. Not that it mattered the soundless concussion of air was familiar to all sound village genin, but was rare outside of land of rice fields. It was also a genjutsu, apparently the boy wasnt out of the fight. Luckily Derryns familiarity with the move allowed him to resist the worst of its affects. Instead of dropping to his knees in pain and loosing his hearing for a few moments, all he felt was nauseated and dizzy. He dropped to his knees anyway, feigning a successful assault, droping his shield and sneaking his hand into his pockets.

The girl didnt even turn back invisible to begin her assault, thinking her foe incompacitated. Standing on the side of a tree high above Derryn, she leaps up higher branch, landing upside down on its bottom, and dives straight downward at her target. A single curved hunting knife pointed at the back of Derryns neck.

The soundless sound. Derryn knows the move infinitely well. By flexing the airwaves through some focus, usually an instrument or an implosive handsign, the ninja creates a direction concussion wave, a focused blast of force, capable of shattering eardrums when used by the highest level shinobi. Derryn had a secret. While he couldnt master many sonic jutsu, those he could use he had a natural focus for. The only hint he had ever had that there maybe something special to being a remnant of Orochimaru.

Derryn removes his mask from his face to get the full effect of his justsu. While Still draining on chakra, this had deffinately saved him before, he was gonn ahave to start a list. He flexed his vocal cords and opened his fanged mouth wide. Pointing his head straight up he screams silently.

The grass ninja hangs suspended on the concussion wave leaving Derryns throat for a split second, before bouncing backward off of the blast into a nearby tree. She dazedly tries to get up, but stumbles once or twice before getting to her feet. Derryn cant concentrate cause the earth below him has started growling and grumbling. Clutching the warming metal spheres in his had he turns to look at the boy.

The boys eyes are rolled back into his head and he is growling deeply to no one in particular. The liquid glue is shaking its way slowly down his frame, the mini earthquake seeming to rock it off. The ground all around the small ninja is shaking, pebbles on the gound seeming to jump on their own will. Now this was a new one. No reason to do this fight, all he needed was the girls scroll.

"Hey boys lets brake this party into two. Chucking his last two brass chimes toward the boy and sreeching toward them, audibly this time, causing them to shatter, Derryn runs back to his shield and mask, discarded earlier for proficientcy, the smallest dog was waiting for him.

"Coupla more seconds Boss man," the little dog said, Derryn nodded and glanced toward the girl ninja while donning his mask. He was pretty sure she didnt see the fighting dog not three foot behind her. He checked the boy and while he was still growling, it was queiter and the earth shook less and less, still it wouldnt last long and he would be free.

Derryn used his few seconds to charge the healing aura in his hand and reached back under his armor and dispersed it onto the deep gash in his back. He sighed audibly as he felt the bleeding stop and most of the tightness leave his midsection. Derryn heard the pop he had been waiting for then his world turned inside out.

* * *

His hunting hound was fast and smart, and it had chosen the summoning spot well. The main temple gates flared up above Derryn framing him as he looked down the stairs at his adversary. The girl had recovered from the sound blast and the transport well, she was slashing at the growling fighting dog that had transported her, but he was staying well away, biding his time till Derryn was on the new battle field.

As Derryn slipped his arm through his shield straps the dog backed off. Undertanding the Grass ninja turned to regard her challenger strolling down the steps, his shield hand flashing signs, not offensive she notices. She starts to flash signs of her own.

Derryn thinks quickly trying to decide his attack strategy. First he enhances her vision, then his stength. He sees her start using handsigns too, both hands flashing as she starts running for him, his mind stuch trying to decide on giving up defense for offense, but she finishes her handsign and her speed doubles.

All Derryn can do is hide behind his shield and ignite his axe as she stabs fiercely. He hadnt even saw her draw her dagger. He kicked off of her front leg, pushing them both into reverse. Needing time to measure his foes newfound speed, Derryn offers her his more heavily armored left side, and holding his axe up midway along its hafe to have a second end to parry with.

She was on him wordlessly, holding her dagger hand extended and bouncing left and right trying to get aound Derryns green and black crescent shaped shield. He uses the bottom curves of the shield to roll her attacks away, and used his axe where he could to shift her momentum, on these occasions scoring minor burns on her arms and torso, but it wasnt enough, he didnt have the stamina to keep going at this rate.

She jumped back and Derryn darted forward interupting a hand sign, but his swing was too slow and left him to open. The first pain was in his weapon arm, , slowing his parries, then across his shield forearm. She was lowering his defenses, slowing him down, he did what he could but she was scoring. Small wounds, in the small holes in his armor, but many of them, making him bleed, making him slower and slower. He used all energy he had in the next parry, falling in slow mostion with the effort.

But it wasnt slow motion, her jutsu has worn off and Derryns parry had succeeded. They both rolled and Derryn came out on top, but his axe was no longer in his hands. As he scans the steps for his axe she starts stabbing at his ribs, but the armor holds and theres just the sounds of metal on metal. Derryn clasps both hands together and swings for her head.

She dodges the first but the second glances the side of her head. Putting both hands in the line of the third shot Derryn instead smashes her weapon arm. The dagger flies away and she starts to struggle desperately.

Derryns armor betrays him and the weight on his left side combined with her struggling to pull him over. They both scramble and derryn gabs at her foot, trying to slow the faster combatant. She kicks him off and rolls for a weapon, Derryn scanned the ground for his axe only to find that that was the weapon the gras ninja chose to roll.

They both stand at the same time facing each other, Derryn with his shield, The grass ninja with his axe. "I dont think thats gonna work for your style Sunshine." Derryn holds his hand palm upward.

The giantess takes the axe and lifts it over his head. She brings it sharply down acros her knee and the Chakra stored in the weapon explodes forth. She withstands the blast of energy, though her clothing and hair is now scorched. That Axe had taken some time to enchant, and while Derryn was impressed she had just taken two weeks worth of his chakra in the face, he also decided ths fight was over.

He dropped his shield from his shield arm and loosened the plated sleeves from his arms, single pieces that ran from fringer tip to shoulderblade. The grass ninja tossed the axe parts aside grinned at Derryn. He reaches into his bag and produces a belt of pouches, his hunters tools, and straps them on his waste. She draws a dagger, spinning it to measure its balance or possible her stamina. Derryn unrolls two leather gloves, small metal spikes running across the knuckles, slipping them onto his scaled hands. She raised her free hand and made a one handed handsign, he reconized it at once.

The battle started but unlike the grass ninja one of Derryns jutsus hadnt worn off, She came in low and fast thinking she was invisible. Derryns inproved vision showed her as a shadowy version of the real self, but it was clear enough to start. Derryn removes his mask and feigns a blast of sound at the ninja. She sees the tactic and jumps high, thinging to dodge. Derryn instead reaches in a poch and throws a smoke grenade on the ground, but he only hesitates a second before jumping hard and fast upward to where she should be given her prior trajectory.

He exits the cloud right in front of the ninja, she gasps silently as they make eye contact, aware now that she is visible to the sound ninja. He plants an uppercutto her chin and they seperate from the impanct. Landing clear of the smoke Derryn settles his mind. Hes a weapons master. He had to focus his mind on his now needed style. On his natural style, on hunting this prey.

She came fast out of the remainig smoke, down the steps three at a time, as Derryn stands, eyes closed, seemingly asleep on his feet, armored except for his arms, hands, and face. She pulls back the dagge, aiming a blow to Derryns face. A seconds before he lost an eye Derryn drops his head and shoulders down to the right, the blade whizzing by his ear. A sweeping motions brings his left arm around the knife hads elbow, forcing the joint to lock and her to over lean downward and to Derryns right. He picked his shot carefully, his right hand hard into the inside of he right knee, cracking something loudly.

She doesnt lose herself yet so Derryn continues his spin, releasing her weapon arm which she pulls back and straighting her stance tries to slash at Derryns spinning form. He knows shes high bends backward dutring the spin, limboing under her swinging blade, her wrist inches from his eyes. Her arm out wide she stabs the knife for Derryns spinning head, but he is leveling back out and his spinning left hand slams the inside of he right knee again, sending he crumbling to the ground and screaming silently.

As Derryn approaches she waves her wicked dagger defensively, unable to move with her shattered leg. He notices that hes lucky that one never touched him, its blade is dripping something thich and black, probably poison. She was still slightly out of reach when he finally talked. "I just want your scroll, keep your life."

He could hear a waterfall in the back ground as she shook her head fiercely.

"I dont like to kill outside of contracts, what do you say?" again he asked, feeling around in his pouches for something not to harmless to disarm her.

The waterfall sound was getting louder, oddly, and maybe sounded like a fire as well. Derryn noticed she wasnt as worried about him as she glanced around the edges of the clearing the temple sat in. She was crying now.

Derryn Statrted to search the edges of the clearing as well but the growing noise made him unable to concentrate. He made eye contact with her long enough to see her mouth a single word "Run."
Derryn curled into a ball and tossed himself backward down the steps as fireball sprung up from the ground where he and the grass ninja had ended their fight. Night became day.
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Derryns back story
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