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 joining guilds/villages

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PostSubject: joining guilds/villages   joining guilds/villages EmptyThu Oct 21, 2010 11:15 pm

was thinking maybe the guild/village could have mob quests to join them set up
by the leader this way when there are no imms on and the leader isnt on
newbies can still join, or even alts of current players, this would
work sorta like a normal mission but instead of mp, or incase of genin exams
and chuunin exams, ranks, you would get to be a part of a guild, or village if
your a missing-nin. since so few players are on as of late this would allow guilds to flourish with newbies and may help renew the mud a little, also it would be nice if a guild leaders alts were able to somehow join his guild, this would allow that.
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joining guilds/villages
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